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BMW Navigator V drive time delimma
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Garmin Product support said they'd open a case on the issue, as they've duplicated some of our results.  No telling how long this will take, but here's some of data I've collected on the problem for your amusement.  None of these GPS' have any external input for delays, so you'd think they would all come up with a similar answer as they use the same map information:

Garmin Nuvi 2597 LMT   421 miles / 6hr 15min
BMW NAV V (mine)         421 miles / 6hr 20min (highest)
BMW NAV V (David)       421 miles / 6hr 10min
Garmin Zumo 550            421 miles / 5hr 53min
BMW NAV IV                    421 miles / 6hr 15min
Garmin DriveAssist 51    421 miles / 5hr 28min  (lowest)

Google maps varies between 5:30-5:45 depending on real-time inputs it has.
Mapquest also varies, but a check just now showed 5hr 53min.


Yes, I understand that Google maps is all knowing, but I know my Nav V does not have that info. What threw me initially was that this segment is 80mph all the way, yet it tells me my average speed will be 65mph ? Seems like all the static route GPS sources should be a consistent time.


It is possible that the Nav unit has a mapping error, but unlikely as they all get their data from the same sources.

You should be aware that one of the biggest differences between Google and Garmin data is that Google actually tracks phones in real time to derive the quickest route (and it'll suggest detours based on driving conditions), whereas the Nav unit does not.

Bottom line; it's unlikely you'll ever get the two to agree unless the distances are insignificant.


Thanks David. I have a conversation going with Garmin Product support, and he is confirming the variations in estimated times. We're guessing a programming error, which may be related to the timezone change.

i get 421mi  6 hours 10 min on my nav 5.  421 miles 5hours 53 minutes on my Zumo 550.  Both have current maps.

On google maps I get 421 5hours 42 min...
Thanks!  My Navigator V with the current map 2020.20 shows 6 hr 20 mins.  Google Maps, Garmin, and the Garmin in my car is either 5hr 28min or 5hr 32 min, which is more accurate for an 80 mph speed limit out west.  I'll pass this back to Garmin.  Something is going on here..
Ran it on my Nav IV (Map version 2020.10) out of curiosity: 421mi /  6h15m

I've been under the impression that Garmin, the maker of my BMW Navigator V GPS has a mapping error with the speed limits out in West Texas. Garmin showed me their results, which I confirmed on my DriveAssist 51 NA, that say otherwise. 

So I'm left with the possibility that all BMW Navigator V's calculate the drive time incorrectly, or my replaced/refurbished unit has a hardware problem that it's not detecting. I reloaded the latest Garmin Maps tonight, but I got the same wrong answer.

I need a few volunteers to run a test for me on their BMW Navigator V's. Go into Trip Planner and specify these two addresses as a trip, and let me know what the results are please?

2415 N. Main Street, Junction Texas

12290 Eastlake Blvd, El Paso Texas

As it's a straight shot down I-10, I don't think any of the other preferences should matter.

The total distance is consistent at 421 miles.

What Travel time do you get?

Thanks in Advance.

-James Brown

PS... dilemma

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