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Tire repair kit?
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Additionally, I just discovered that MCN (Motorcycle Consumer News) did an evaluation of portable air compressors in the August 2017 issue.  Thanks to everyone for all the helpful advice !
I have two separate tire puncture repair kits. One is the Stop & Go kit without the pump. I have used many times and is very simple to use. The other one was a gift, and have used once already and is called Rocky Creek Designs Puncture kit and comes with a multi tool, so it is very convenient and compact. Works very easy and have used on a friend's bike and took us 20 minutes to get him back on the road. My only and preferred pump is the Best Rest Cycle Pump. Works perfect and is also very compact and fits fine in my side case.

For a compact pump that won't break the bank I bought this.

It's big enough to do the job, but small enough to not get in the way. It also screws onto the tire valve and allows you to check the pressure without removing it.

If you order it from this link from ADVRider you even get $10 off !!

This is  really good string kit.  They are really nice people too.  

Two other things you will need is an air source and a T-handle.  Preferred air source is a slime pump.  The CO'2 cartridges aren't very effective as it takes several to air up a tire.  The T-Handle is used over the string insertion tool to make it much easier than trying to force it with the insertion tool.  Here is what I use.

Just slip it over the screwdriver looking insertion tool and you now have way more ability to insert the rope string.  A good 42 cent investment.

Then go get a new tire IMHO.
Flats on a ride are very common especially on trips.  I have always been sucessful with the ole fashion licorice candy looking plug with the reamer and insertion tool plus a cheap 12v tire compressor.  

Have purchase the mushroom kit and the one with a copper tip plug.  Those are good I imagine but the issue is typically it is hotter than hell or colder than Alaska sitting off the road with all other riders waiting for you to read the directions and plug the tire.  Think those would be terrific if you are in your own garage, have the time to read directions, and don't have five helpers.

With the licorice style plug, you are done in a manner of minutes.  Do feel the trick is having a razor blade and cutting excess off just perfect and driving a slower rate of speed for the first 3-4 miles letting the plug get "smushed " properly.

Yes, I have had them pull out or leak (but not common and actually rare if it does) and when that occurs, do it again, and able to get to a bike shop for a new tire.
I used the Slime kit (1034-A) successfully on a couple of motorcycle tires including the K1200LT rear tire as well as on a car tire. Worked great. It requires a bit of elbow grease to clean the hole and insert the plug. 
Tire repair kit?

Any recommendations on a good tubeless tire repair kit I could carry on trips?
I've seen some plug kits online, but there are infinite offerings and hard to identify a good one.
Anyone actually use their kit and recommend it?

I know I'll likely replace any tire that suffers a puncture, but would still need at least something temporary to get to a shop.
I also plan to maintain my AMA Roadside Assistance - although there are instances where they may not be ideal (e.g. FAR from a town, or on a limited-access (ie toll) road).

Bonus points if any suggested kits have actually been used and proven to work.

Thanks in advance,
The wisdom on these forums is awe-inspiring.

I can already see another post coming to ask about inflation devices, whether electric pumps or CO2 cannisters...
Will be glad to hear about those too - if anyone has any suggestions.
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