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GS-911 availability to rest Service notification
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I needed to get a scanner to read live data on my Hummer, I bought an OBDlink LX which is bluetooth android and downloaded their app. Pleased so for with it for the Hummer.

As I was doing research about some codes for the Hummer, I found out that MotoScan Pro app works on BMW motorcycle. I would have to buy an cable adapter for my 2004 R1150R to plug in the OBDlink LX but I think it may plug straight into the 2015 R1200RT.

I'm in too, six more folks and we'd be maximizing our investment. Let me know.


I'm good with a share.  It'd be a good idea to work out the details in advance, who will hold it, availability, etc.


Very good idea, count me in.

Hello Fellow members,

I am wondering if someone has a GS-911 diagnostics tool available.

I did all 6000 mile maintenance on my 2013 BMW r1200r and the service reading is solid in the cluster.

Please let me know if I can use the tool to reset it or if any members would like to purchase together a GS-911 diagnosing tool and use it on 10 Beemers with the option to upgrade to professional.

Your input will be greatly appreciated as I am willing to ride and pay for the opportunity to reset the service notification.


Fernando Aguirre
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