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Brand spankin new Nav VI
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Jason, the most important is that you are okay. Heal quickly, summer riding is upon us.
Funny story, someone ran in to me from behind the other day. I hadn't heard anything from anyone on here about this for awhile, so the other day I decided to throw it on the bike and try it out and I guess I didn't fully clip it in or something, but that tap from the back knocked it loose and to the street it fell. After which it fell victim to the next car that was in too much of a rush to let me collect the rest of my things.
Oh and I'm OK, mild case of whiplash little tightness in my neck and shoulders, been getting medical attention. Givi top case was destroyed and there was impact with my side cases, call me crazy but they don't seem like they are fitting as tight as they used to. We'll see what the adjuster has to say.
Jason, am picking up a 2015 GSA next week, if it has the OEM GPS mount and no GPS, I'll be calling you.
Impulse buy, stupidly thought that Garmin would have figured out Android pairing and usage with the media player since the time of the Zumo 590, but alas, still can't get my phone, the nav and my sena working like I would expect.
I'm willing to take a haircut for my stupidity, first $750 gets it. Please someone get it....
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