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Club Ride - Dominic's Ride to Elgin - Sun., Fe...
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Any chance we could have jumped the battery?! No sure how to do that on a motorcycle...

James, good group pic capture. I found the source of my issue. The $15 nine volt rechargable battery for the alarm siren. Apparently when this item went bad it scavenged power from the main battery and killed it. Have both replaced now and it runs like a champ. Nick
My very first picture... of the ill fated bike!

It was a good and short ride for me. Thanks to all for putting up with my breakdown delay. A special thanks to Dominic Drouin for putting me on back and taking me home. It was the first time riding passenger since college and it's amazing all the things you see when not piloting.

The Harley is back safely at home. Troubleshooting starts tomorrow.

Nick Bell
I made some changes to conform to Dominic's version with less highway and more back roads. I have attached v2 of the route and map here.

Fingers crossed that this third attempt at scheduling this ride will survive the weather forecast. It's still a 123-mile ride from the Buc-ee's in Katy to Meyer's Elgin Smokehouse, with an optional scenic 140-mile ride back to Katy.
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