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Switching Between Tubeless and Tubed Tires
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Cody - I believe it depends on the type of wheel you have; whether it uses bicycle-type spokes or the spokes are fixed.

I'm currently running with tubeless Anakee 3 tires and I've been looking into getting some knobbies (Shinko 804/805). The thing is that Shinko does not make tubeless rear tires in my size. Will I be able to mount it onto my rim safely with a tube?

I've read other forums on the subject of running tubeless tires with a tube anyways and switching from tubed to tubeless, but there is not much information the other way around (switching from tubeless to tubed tires). My intuition says there shouldn't be a problem, but since wheels are so important, I'd rather not learn by error. 

Anyone have experience on this? Thanks!
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