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Swap Meet - Sat, Jan 26 @ 9-11 am The Woodlands
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They have posted and emailed their announcement about the swap meet. We are thinking there might be a lot more interest than what we are planning for so they are requesting an RSVP if you want to bring some stuff. Please let them know (Trisha) so they can be better prepared.  Jerry

Woodlands Premium Motorcycles (WPM) is hosting the first BMW Motorcycle Club of Houston Swap Meet on Saturday, January 26th, from 9AM until 11AM!

Event Details: 
1. You do not have to RSVP, but it is highly recommended. Space is limited and will be indoor only. 
2. Each participant can set up 1 table. If you do not have a table, please email Trisha at
 3. We will not have extra change, so please bring smaller bills and change if needed.
4. Items should be motorcycle-minded (i.e. no furniture, non-related electronics, no weapons, etc.). 

This is the first swap meet at Woodlands Premium Motorcycles, so we'll all learn as we go and hopefully this will evolve into more than a one-time event! Please call 936.271.7600 to RSVP or for more information.
The Woodlands Premium Motorcycles will host our first club swap meet on Saturday, Jan 26, from 9-11 am. 

The concept is to bring your old stuff hanging around your garage and maybe get a little money for it. Of course, you will want to spend that money buying someone else's stuff there! But that means you will probably want to drive your car there instead of riding. They will have some tables set up for us inside the BMW showroom. I would suggest you put labels and prices on your stuff (like a garage sale) and maybe a bowl or something for people to put money in. After all, you don't want to just sit there, you will want to walk around and look at other people's stuff. 

Let's see how this goes and adjust as necessary. If you have a table you might bring it as I think more people may show up than we think (just look at the first meetup we just had!). 

I hope to do this twice a year at different locations (north and south?). Maybe at our Tech Days at Mike's place. I'm open to suggestions and ideas. 

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