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Meeting Agenda & Minutes
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Here is the agenda for the meeting which will also serve as the minutes. Posted here for everyone to see who couldn't make the meeting. 


Before the Meeting

  1. Start the 50/50 ticket sales.

  1. Video: CES 2019: BMW's autonomous motorcycle doesn't need a rider

Call to Order

  1. Introduce visitors and new members attending for the first time.  Dealer visitors?

  2. Remind everyone about the 50/50 Drawing.

Reports from Officers

  1. Secretary - Linda Bragaw - Current Membership -

  2. Treasurer - Tom Bragaw - Treasurer's Report Spreadsheet

  3. RideMeister - Tarek Ghazi - Ride Sunday, other potential ride ideas

Member & General Announcements

  1. North Houston Meetup - Sat, Jan 12, 9-10:30 am The Woodlands

    1. Volunteers for other locations?

  2. Dragoo Adventure Rider Training (DART) Feb - Announcement soon

  3. Next Tech Day - Sunday, April 14th

  4. Swap meet proposal

  5. Call for future presenters at monthly meetings

    1. Monthly Activity Schedule & Planner


  1. Round the World - Rad Cejnar (January)

  2.    You can read his entire 4 year adventure thread on ADVRider here

  3. Book giveaway 

50/50 Drawing

The pot was $140 so the winner took home $70.

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