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First time camping at the rally? Here's what to ex...
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A couple of people have asked about what it's like to camp at the rally. Here are a few thoughts and maybe others can add to it. 

You will need a tent and sleeping bag, obviously, and some kind of sleeping pad or mat. In the RV campsite loop there are 4 spots to a campsite and we can fit more tents than that. It is in a wooded area so there will be shade if it is hot. There are picnic tables and campfire rings. The club will provide firewood if you want a fire. Generally a several groups will gather around a few campfires and just have a few beers and tell stories. It's lots of fun and no one drinks to excess. We might stay up late telling stories but not many people will be up past midnight. 

There are 2 bathroom facilities and they have 2 shower stalls each. Bring your own soap and towel - this is not a KOA - it is a state park so amenities are minimal. There should be toilet paper there but that is not always guaranteed. 

The club will provide breakfast and dinner including all drinks and coffee in the morning. Chuck is the designated "coffee-meister" and he will ensure the coffee pots are going before dawn for those hard core coffee addicts. Lunch will be on your own. 

The wooded camping area is across a large grass field from the main pavilion. We will own the pavilion for Friday and Saturday and that will be our main activity area for food, rides, movies, and gathering. Generally we will park our bikes in the parking lot near the pavilion but there is room in the camping loop as well. 

Bring some sunscreen in case the sun is out and also mosquito repellent in case it is cool. We are by a lake in the woods so expect skeeters. Ensure you have some rain gear just in case. Have a flashlight so you can find your tent after dark. 

We are bringing a U-Haul truck to carry all our stuff for the rally and it will have a ramp in case someone needs to be carried back home (maintenance issues, etc.). 

What else should someone know about as a first time camper?? Anyone else have ideas??
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