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Club Meeting Presentation in January - Moses Mai E...
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I want everyone to be able to see Moses Mai's adventure. He gave us a presentation at the January club meeting but not everyone can make it to a meeting. Here is the intro,

"Come in for a night of adventure and suspense as Moses Mai details his harrowing trip across Kazakhstan, The Caucuses, and the Balkans. Hear tales of biblical flooding and bombogenesis extreme cold as he and his niece (Lala) traverse the Silk Road route across the Black Sea, battling drug smugglers and pirates, all while delivering a baby as they cross the Alps to civilization. An unbelievable modern day Tom Sawyer/ Huckleberry Finn pilgrimage that can’t be missed!"

Here is a link to his video, "1Day2Day: Moscow to Azerbaijan", and also a link to his ride report on, "1Day2Day European Marathon 2017" (Caution: long and addicting read! 34 pages and 665 posts!)
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