Our club has an active program of day-rides in the Houston area and longer multi-day rides beyond. Many of us also join together to attend national rallies and events such as the annual MOA or MOA Getaways. Our rides are free and open to prospective members and guests. This is a great way to meet club members and learn about us.

Join us on these Upcoming Rides

Club Ride to Hill Country Hangout – Kerrville

Friday - Sunday, April 6-8, 2018 The San Antonio BMW Club is again hosting a rally near Kerrville, and the ...
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Registering for rides

To keep our rides manageable, we ask that you register ahead of time. Each ride web page has links for registering. You may You may RSVP in our social media group Meetup.com group BMW Motorcycle Club of Houston — Rides and More  to receive ride updates, calendar reminders, and participate in discussions with other riders. Or you may register via email to receive essential ride information only.

Ride Library

We’ve accumulated a lot of Club Rides over the  years. They are all available to you (including maps and GPS files) in our Ride Library, for reference in planning your own rides. Here is an easy index to the rides:

GPS Tutorials

We have several GPS tutorials from a recent class to help you use our Ride Library and Garmin BaseCamp

And we have some older tutorials still of interest

Our Commitment to Safety / Your Rider Responsibilities

We are strongly committed to safe and responsible enjoyment of motorcycling. We respect the law and the interests of other motorists. We wear ALL THE GEAR ALL THE TIME.  We ask you to review the following guidelines prior to riding with our club.

  • Read Guide for Riders
  • Before the Ride: Read the Ride Description and familiarize yourself with the route, the stops, and any special issues. Be able to find your way home in case you become separated from your group.
  • On the Ride: Be responsible for the rider in back of you. If you see him/her slowing down or caught in a traffic light, you slow down. That way the group doesn’t leave anybody behind.
  • Sweep Riders: If you are asked to ride sweep (last), keep at the rear of the group. When the leader can see you, he knows the group is all together.
  • All riders (and passengers) are requested to carry information with name, address, and persons to call in case of emergency.  We recommend that you carry it in a prominent and easily accessed location in your riding suit or “dog tag” pouch.
  • You will be asked to accept the following statement of your personal responsibility:
    • “I understand that the BMW Motorcycle Club of Houston does not assume responsibility for any aspect of my safety and that if I participate in any Club event, I do so voluntarily on my own assessment of my ability, the routes, and all facilities, and conditions, assuming all risk. I release and hold the Club, its officers and members, harmless for any injury or loss to my person or property which may result therefrom. I also certify that I am in compliance with state financial responsibility laws regarding the carrying of proper insurance.”

For Information or Questions

Please contact

Leigh Anderson
Club RideMeister