Time to Renew Membership

If you have recently paid your BMW Motorcycle Club of Houston dues, we thank you. If not …. read on!

Time to Renew Membership

It is that time of the year again when our club annual memberships expire at the end of June. This is the time to recognize the benefits and express your support for the club.

We provide an opportunity to meet and socialize with other BMW motorcycle owners and learn from each other. The monthly meeting includes presentations about member trips and adventures, educational topics, new bike demos, and more. There is also an opportunity to win some money from the 50/50 drawing! Other benefits:

  • The club maintains a web site (www.bmwclubofhouston.com) for club information and a discussion forum (www.bmwclubofhouston.com/cms/forums) for an online virtual meeting place to discuss club business, club rides, tech days, items for sale, requests for assistance, US and foreign destination riding and many more topics.
  • We also sponsor club group rides (more than monthly) where you can meet others and enjoy a nice regional area ride-to-eat.
  • Every fall the club hosts a rally/campout (this year will be the 47th annual).
  • At year end we sponsor a Holiday Dinner for members and guests where the cost is partially covered by the club.
  • Free learning events are also organized by the club that include safety/ride training, motorcycle technical/maintenance management, GPS training, etc.
  • Free club nametag!!  Wow!   😉

Being a member of the club also entitles you to a 10% discount on most parts and accessories at our friendly local dealerships.

It takes some effort to pull all this together and keep it going. Most people don’t participate in every activity but many get to some activities, and many more people WISH they could participate more. Even if you don’t get to participate as much as you would like, please consider supporting our efforts by maintaining your membership for the next year.

Over the last year many of you have been receiving emails and information from us because you purchased a motorcycle from a dealership and received a free membership. Hopefully you have benefited from the opportunity to learn about the local BMW community through our club and think it is worthwhile to continue. Now is your opportunity to join our family.

The cost to initiate or renew your membership is $20. There are 3 ways to pay: Paypal, mail a check, or bring your payment to a club monthly meeting.

If you pay by Paypal, just log into your Paypal account and send your payment to treasurer@bmwclubofhouston.com. Remember to click on the “Sending Money To Family or Friends” so Paypal doesn’t charge us the 3% fee to receive your payment!

You can also mail your check to our post office box at: BMW Club of Houston, PO Box 7542, Houston, TX 77270.

Note #1: If you have moved or changed your contact information, please fill out the Membership Application Web Form with your updated information. (Not required if you just need to pay.)

Note #2: If you have paid for your membership since Jan 1st of this year (or purchased a new BMW bike from a local dealer) you are covered for the next membership year (July 2017 through June 2018).

If you have any questions about renewing or the club in general don’t hesitate to reply to this email me or call me. Thanks in advance for assisting us in helping you get the most from your BMW motorcycle!

Nick Bell
BMW Club of Houston, Ltd
2013 BMW K1600GTL

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